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July 02, 2010


Finally Liverpool officially announce his new manager named Roy Hodgson. This travellers manager is known as former Fulham manager who bring them to final Europa League 2009/10 where they lost to Atletico Madrid in the final action.

Now he have a tough test to keep all the star player in the Anfield and reported have made a private meeting with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher about several issue. He also strongly pleads to Gerrard to stay with Liverpool and help him to rebuild Liverpool team.

“It is easy to say the right things but you know as well as I do it is not words Stevie wants – he wants actions,” Hodgson said.
“He wants to see the club make strides forward, he wants to see that alongside players of his quality there will be other players of that quality being signed by the club.
“And, of course, he is wise enough to know that I cannot give him that guarantee and he wouldn’t respect me if I was trying to give him some line of bull---- that he would see through.
"My job is to try to explain to him that I have come to Liverpool because I want to work with people like Steven Gerrard. I’m hoping he will have enough loyalty to the club and will be interested to work with me and give it some time together.”

Three things to do
1. Keep Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. Losing either of the club’s icons would immediately push the new manager on to the back foot.
2. Add squad depth. A chronic lack of depth was brutally exposed last season.
3. Hope for a quick sale. The sooner Liverpool are in new hands, the better for everyone at Anfield.

Before accepted Liverpool job, Roy promised Fulham owner Mohamed Fayed that he will not buy any of his former kids. Nice and hope he can do his job and keep Liverpool back in top 4 in next season.

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